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Sep. 24th, 2012

So, I'm on day nine of my trip from the east. I palletized the bike and the dive gear, and shipped them as far as they could really go, to St John's Newfoundland. Plan was to dive the Bell Island wrecks and be out of here in 4-5 days but that has totally not worked out. But it is still a successfull trip so far. Lessons learned:
-You just can't ship stuff really fast to out of the way places. A premium freight service will take your money and ship express between big cities, but then hand off to the slow boat for the final leg. Because that's all there is. Better to ship cheap and slow, then go do something else for a week or three before flying out.
-The bike needs an extra long pallet, but the loaders are reluctant to switch to the extra long forklift forks. Old blue made it OK but I should have reinforced the middle of the skid so it could take that bending force.
-I should not be quite so reluctant to plan in advance. Special services such as diving just do not work as a walk-in. This is why dive shops are also in the travel agent business.
-According to the good people at CATSA/ACSTA, ice is a liquid. Elementary school physics curriculum to be updated.

I'm writing this on the ferry to Halifax. Plan to dive on Wednsday, ship. The dive gear to Ontario, and head into the States by this time next week

Saw a lynx.

Saw a lynx yesterday on the way back from town.

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Yes, I'm a furry. Been a fan for a few years now, but attending a distant con' makes it more official. Next thing you know I'll be dancing around in a several-grand suit and bending your ear about my spirit guide. But for now I just buzzed down to Seattle for four days of furry fun.

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Bella Coola

Rain rain rain, rain, and rain. Long range forecast: Rain. Yea, on the west coast in the fall. Who'd a thunk it?

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A day in Bella Coola

So it's been a year and a half since my last post. I'm still alive and actually lurking livejournal regularly, I keep meaning to post but it just never happens. I'm back a my old job with JB Water and Vac (should post about that too) but have wrangled a long vacation.

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Silly Design: flock tank

So first post in like half a year, and it's a rather trivial one.

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There is an asshole on the internet!

I know how shocking this must be to you, gentle reader, but here's the real shocker: it just might be me!

Way back on Sept 13, I made a comment about this union blog post in this LJ post. The LJ post has a somewhat robust reply, but my comment itself has been expunged. Another reader of the post would assume my comment must have been pretty nasty to deserve this treatment, surely filled with profanity and unreasoning hatred. Such a comment might have been made without sincerity, just to upset prodigal and his friends. Have I become a troll? Continue below to see the offending comment, if you dare!

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Flat tire!

My bikes rear tire is totally bald. I have been trying to get it done in Victoria, Vancouver, and Langly but never wanted to wait for delivery. It uses old fasioned tubes and nobody has that stuff in stock.
So I am one night away from home and I stop for 15 min at Ainsworth hot springs, when I get back on the bike the tire is totally flat, and it is lack-of-labour day weekend!
Staff at Ainsworth very kindly pump my tire up for me, but I only get to the ferry terminal before it goes flat again. I leave it there and hitch back to Nelson to stay at the very fine Dancing Bear Inn. Making this post is the most noteworty thing I have done since.
So bored!

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Parking ticket in Victoria

Usually parking the bike is easy. Sometimes it is hard. I try to squeeze into a corner that a car cannot use, then pay full price, then try to secure the ticket to the bike, then sometimes come back to one of these. Fuck you City of Victoria!

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Big blues big day

Odometer on my bike rolled over yesterday. She's brand new again! Going-to-the-sun highway was amazing, coasted down the west side in silence except for the wind and the tires... Had a fine if very pricey meal at Jills Cafe in Bonners Ferry, camped at Sand Point. Pushed west on hwy 20, am staying in Anacortes waiting for the ferry to Victoria.